47th Annual Children of the Confederacy General Convention

Williamsburg, Virginia
July 12-14, 2001

Miss Elizabeth Huffer, Historian General

Miss Elizabeth Huffer
Historian General

The 47th Annual General Convention of the Children of the Confederacy was held July 12-14, 2001, at the Williamsburg Hospitality House in Williamsburg, Virginia. Virginia Division had the honor of hosting this year's gathering, which included the following highlights:

Miss Elizabeth Huffer, a member of Tom Telegraph Chapter 868 and President of Virginia Division CofC for 2001-2002, was elected Historian General. Division Vice President Mr. John Adams was elected Chairman of the Nominating Committee.

General officers for 2001-2002 are as follows:

  • Miss Jennie Ellen Harper (Tennessee), President General
  • Miss Charlotte Davis (North Carolina), Vice President General
  • Mr. Jonathan Hicks (North Carolina), Second Vice President General
  • Mr. Justin Trammell (Arkansas), Third Vice President General
  • Miss Caitlin Ainsworth (Lousiana), Recording Secretary General
  • Miss Anne Pitre (Mississippi), Treasurer General
  • Miss Elizabeth Huffer (Virginia), Historian General
  • Mr. Charles (Bubby) Childress III (Louisiana), Chaplain General
  • Miss Malinda Williams (Alabama), Editor General
  • Mr. Harris Parker (Alabama), Custodian General
Miss Jennie Harper, President General

Miss Jennie Harper
President General

CofC General Officers, 2001-2002

Children of the Confederacy General Officers, 2001-2002

(L to R): Mrs. Alice Williams, Director General (Alabama); Miss Jennie Harper, President General; Miss Charlotte Davis, Vice President General; Mr. Jonathan Hicks, Second Vice President General; Mr. Mr. Justin Trammell, Third Vice President General; Miss Caitlin Ainsowrth, Recording Secretary General; Miss Anne Pitre, Treasurer General; Miss Elizabeth Huffer, Historian General; Mr. Charles Childress III, Chaplain General; Mr. Harris Parker, Custodian General; Miss Malinda Williams, Editor General

John Lougheed and Katie Fraser

Mr. John W. Lougheed, Honorary Associate Member of Virginia Division CofC, and outgoing Recording Secretary General Miss Katie Fraser await the start of the Grand March

Virginia Division CofC also brought home a number of awards and honors:

Several chapters received individual honors:

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