Miss E. Elizabeth Snedden    

Miss E. Elizabeth Snedden
Honorary President
Virginia Division UDC

Elected October 5, 2001

President, Sidney Lanier Chapter
Ex-Historian, Virginia Division UDC
Ex-Fourth District Chairman
Ex-Memorial Committee Chairman

Minnie C. Eller Banner

Fourth District Chairman Pat Bryson displays the Minnie C. Eller Banner, awarded to the District that has best achieved the goals and objectives of the organization during the year. It was the seond win in a row for Fourth District.

Randolph-Walke Banner

Sixth District Chairman Peggy Hicks receives the Randolph-Walke Banner, which recognizes the District showing the largest net increase in membership during the year, from Division Registrar Joyce Eades

Alice Whitley Jones Banner

Division Historian Gloria Baird presents the Alice Whitley Jones Banner to members of the Warren Rifles Chapter (from left, Chapter President Mrs. Arnold Williams and Chapter members President General Suzanne Silek and Division Treasurer Mrs. James H. Simmons). The banner, established in memory of Past Virginia Division President and Ex-President General Miss Alice Whitely Jones and given to the Chapter completing the best historical project during the year, was awarded for the first time this year.

Susie Whitacre moves to the front row

Past Virginia Division President Mary Williams escorts outgoing Division President Susie Whitacre to her new seat on "the front row" as President General Suzanne Silek and incoming Division Vice President Dolores Smith look on

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