Staunton, Virginia ~ October 9-12, 2003

Mrs. Betty Martin

Mrs. John W. (Betty) Martin was elected Honorary President of Virginia Division UDC.


Dr. R. Beatrice Bland, Honorary President of Virginia Division UDC and a founding member of Virginia Division CofC, was honored by the establishment of a new CofC scholarship bearing her name.

Clive E. Rice

On Historical Evening, Division President Mrs. John W. (Sam) Lougheed presents the Division's second Stonewall Jackson Award to Clive E. Rice, husband of Roanoke Chapter member Betty Ann Rice.

Richard Britton

Division President Sam Lougheed bestows the Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal on Historical Evening speaker Richard Britton.

Cross recipients Virginia Division UDC President Sam Lougheed and Recorder of Military Service Awards Mrs. Richard G. (Betsy) Anderson flank the Division's military service award recipients.

Division President Sam Lougheed and Arlington House curator Kendall Thompson at the Real Daughters' luncheon. Real Daughters luncheon

Memorial wreath

Division President Sam Lougheed with the memorial wreath in the Confederate section of the Tinkling Spring Presbyterian Church cemetery.

Past Presidents

Past Presidents of Virginia Division UDC.
FRONT ROW (L-R): Mrs. Haike M. Giragosian, Mrs. Charles M. Hunter, Mrs. John W. Lougheed, Mrs. John G. Williams, Sr., Mrs. Andrew V. Bily.
BACK ROW (L-R): Mrs. John H. Gum, Mrs. Frances B. Fitzgerald, Mrs. Suzanne W. Silek, Mrs. David S. Whitacre.
Not pictured: Mrs. Mark R. Allen

Cof C table The CofC occupied a special place in Division President Sam Lougheed's heart. She reserved a special table for them on Presidents' Evening.

Sam's kids!

Sam's Kids!
FRONT ROW:Ex-Virginia Division CofC Presidents Katie Fraser and Brianne King and Virginia Division UDC President Sam Lougheed.
BACK ROW (L-R): Virginia Division CofC Treasurer Courtney Brown, Virginia Division CofC President Jamie Maupin, Virginia Division CofC Editor Crystal Brown, and Historian General Kit Willis.

Birthday girls

Mrs. Martha Bily (left) and Dr. Bea Bland (right) celebrated their birthdays on Presidents' Evening with help from Katie Fraser, Brianne King, and Jamie Maupin.

Arlington House picture Quilt
The 2001-2003 Executive Committee presented a framed reproduction of the restored Arlington House watercolor and a Stars and Bars quilt made by the ladies of the Jubal Early Chapter to outgoing President Sam Lougheed.

100th anniversary cake

The 108th annual Division convention marked the 100th anniversary of the union of the Grand Division and Virginia Division.

Passing the gavel

Division President Sam Lougheed passes the gavel to her successor, Mrs. Dolores C. Smith, at the conclusion of the 108th annual Division convention.

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