Fairfax Chapter 1410 Hosts Reception for CofC Division President

Susie Whitacre and Katie Fraser
Virginia Division UDC President Mrs. David S. Whitacre (standing) and Virginia Division CofC President Miss Katherine Fraser.

[Photograph by Martha Boltz.]

  On May 12, members of Fairfax Chapter 1410 hosted a reception for Virginia Division Children of the Confederacy President and Recording Secretary General Miss Katherine Fraser. Miss Fraser, a junior at Pope Paul VI Catholic High School in Fairfax, is a member of Antonia Ford Chapter 885, which is sponsored by Fairfax Chapter.

The reception was held at the home of Chapter member Ruth Miller McElroy, whose sons Michael and Charles are also members of Antonia Ford Chapter. In attendance were Virginia Division UDC President Mrs. David S. Whitacre, Virginia Division UDC Vice President Mrs. John W. Lougheed, Virginia Division CofC Director Mrs. John M. Watson, Virginia Division UDC Treasurer Mrs. James H. Simmons, Fourth District Chairman Mrs. George Bryson, Past Virginia Division UDC President and Ex-Registrar General Mrs. Mark R. Allen, and Past Virginia Division UDC President and Honorary President of General Mrs. Haike M. Giragosian.

Virginia Division CofC officers Third Vice President Dylan Lee, Treasurer John Adams, and Editor Crystal Brown were also present along with Antonia Ford Chapter members Robin Adams, Galen Mandes, and Andrew Schaeffer and Belle Boyd Chapter member Rebekah McLean.

During the reception, members of the Antonia Ford Chapter bestowed honorary associate membership in their chapter on Mr. James Adams, father of Chapter members John and Robin, for his unflagging support of the Chapter over the last four years.

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