When the monument to the Confederate dead at Fort Butler, Louisiana, was dedicated on June 27, 1999, Fairfax Chapter was represented in a unique way. A nationwide contest conducted by the United Daughters of the Confederacy to find the appropriate wording for the monument was won by Fairfax Chapter member Mrs. B. Donald (Martha) Boltz. Mrs. Boltz's inscription reads as follows:

The finest of Texas and Arizona,
Lives lost by river and bayou
We mark their graves, remember their names:
Brave Confederates who died
At Fort Butler, June 28, 1863

Mrs. Boltz's name appears on the monument, just above the words "This Monument was erected by the United Daughters of the Confederacy, June 27, 1999 - Forgotten no longer!"

Composed of three sections, the grey granite monument features a middle tablet that is 8 feet tall and two side tablets, each of which is 4 feet tall. The inscription is placed on the middle tablet; the names of the 31 Confederate soldiers killed in an attempt to take Fort Butler from the Union appear on the fronts and backs of the smaller tablets.

The monument dedication capped a round of Confederate memorial events involving the UDC and other historical/heritage groups. Fairfax Chapter member Charlotte Clinger served as events coordinator for the weekend's activities.

Mrs. Boltz with the monument
Fairfax Chapter member Martha Boltz stands beside the Fort Butler monument, which bears her inscription. The wreaths were presented by Mrs. Boltz at the dedication ceremony on behalf of Virginia Division UDC and Antonia Ford Chapter #885, Virginia Division Children of the Confederacy, which Fairfax Chapter sponsors.

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