Real Daughter Carrie Bailey Grubbs (Mrs. E.L.) was a member of Warren Rifles Chapter No. 934
and a frequent participant in Division poetry contests.

Christmas 1864

By Carrie Bailey Grubbs

No Santa Claus for the children,
No stockings that bulge with gay gifts,
But fathers in gray,
Who are far, far away,
And starlight peeping thro' rifts.

Rifts of shadow and sorrow,
Starshine darkened with pain,
But hope in each breast
Of those who love best, --
That the fathers will come home again.

Home to their children and loved ones,
Waiting for them as the gift
That Santa will bring
Thro' sunshine or rain,
Their Christmas spirits to lift.

For e'en if there's no Santa,
Christmas will come just the same,
Lo! The Christ-child is born,
To shield us from harm
And we'll sing Christmas songs

Written between 1970 and 1974

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