1997 saw the Virginia Division embark on a series of projects connected with General Thomas Jonathan "Stonewall" Jackson, one of the Confederacy's leading military lights and a son of the Old Dominion.

The year began with a financial contribution to Blue Ridge Public Television to help underwrite the cost of producing an episode of its excellent documentary series on Virginia during the War. The episode is entitled "Jackson in the Valley" and is narrated by Virginia Tech professor and Jackson biographer James I. (Bud) Robertson. Anyone interested in obtaining a copy of the video may do so by contacting the Mary Custis Lee-17th Virginia Infantry Regiment Chapter of the UDC.

Photograph of Juanita Allen and Todd Williamson
Division President Mrs. Mark R. Allen and Randolph-Macon librarian Todd Williamson

Following the destruction by fire of the Randolph-Macon Academy library in Front Royal, the Division assisted in restocking the shelves by donating a copy of Dr. Robertson's Jackson biography.

Perhaps the most ambitious of these undertakings -- and certainly the one that most caught the fancy of the public, both North and South -- was the burial of the General's warhorse, Little Sorrel, on the parade grounds at the Virginia Military Institute in Lexington, Va., where Jackson taught for 10 years prior to the War.

On the same day that Little Sorrel was laid to rest, a UDC member marker was placed at the grave of the Generals' widow, who was an early member of the UDC. Also announced that day was a project to restore a pair of the General's uniform trousers for eventual display in the VMI Museum, along with the matching uniform coat. Proceeds from the sale of the Jackson video were earmarked for the trouser restoration; funds are now being raised to restore the coat.

The Year of Stonewall Jackson came to a close on September 27, when the Virginia Division unveiled and dedicated a new historical highway marker on the site of Jackson's fatal wounding in May of 1863 following the Battle of Chancellorsville.

For a closer look at some of these activities, we invite you to explore the links below.

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