Wreaths at the Jackson statue     On July 20, Daughters from the Virginia and District of Columbia Divisions gathered at Manassas National Battlefield Park to commemorate the 141st anniversary of the Battle of First Manassas. The ceremony is sponsored by Virginia Division in even years and by the District of Columbia Division in odd years.

Virginia Serenaders The Virginia Serenaders entertained the crowd with period music.     Major General Fitzhugh Lee SCV Camp 1805 Major General Fitzhugh Lee SCV Camp 1805 provided a color guard for the occasion.

Mrs. Lougheed opens the ceremonies.     Mrs. Lougheed opens the ceremonies

Mrs. John Lougheed, Mrs. Lipscomb, Mr. Mertz, Mrs. Thomas, and Superintendent Sutton Virginia Division UDC President Mrs. John W. Lougheed; Historian Mrs. Robert E. Lipscomb, Sr.; Acting Chief Historian, Fredericksburg & Spotsylvania National Military Park Gregory A. Mertz; Fourth District Chairman Mrs. Michael Thomas; and Manassas Battlefield Park Superintendent Robert K. Sutton.     Mr. Masters and Mrs. Giragosian Inspector Michael W. Masters, Virginia Division SCV, and Mrs. Haike M. Giragosian, Past Virginia Division President and Honorary President of General.

Greg Mertz     Greg Mertz spoke on "Stonewall Jackson - Legend, Husband, Father." Afterwards, Mrs. Lougheed and Mrs. Lipscomb presented him with the Jefferson Davis Historical Gold Medal.

Mrs. Lougheed and the Division wreath Mrs. Lougheed with pages Erin and Sean Williams
Mrs. Lougheed was assisted by pages Erin and Sean Williams (members of Antonia Ford Chapter 885, Virginia Division Children of the Confederacy) in presenting the Virginia Division wreath.

Douglas Koupash and Mrs. Gum Douglas Koupash (42nd Virginia Infantry, Company I) and Mrs. John H. Gum, Recorder General of Military Service Awards.     Miss Heilig and Tom Phillips District of Columbia Division President Miss Vicki K. Heilig and Tom Phillips (42nd Virginia Infantry, Company I).

Mrs. Parker and Mr. Lipscomb Manassas Chapter President Mrs. Douglas Parker and Mr. Robert E. Lipscomb, Sr.     Members of the Manassas Chapter Members of the Manassas Chapter: (L-R) Carol Wolfe, Suzanne Parker, Lisa Smith, Phyllis Teels, and Liz Shifflett

Mr. and Mrs. Boltz Mr. and Mrs. B. Donald Boltz with the Fairfax Chapter 1410 wreath.     Dylan Lee Dylan Lee, President of Antonia Ford Chapter 885, with the Chapter wreath. Antonia Ford is sponsored by Fairfax Chapter 1410.

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