This century began with such joy for Americans as we felt that the threat of war was greatly diminished, and that the swords had been beaten into plowshares. Suzanne SilekWe were aware that there were enemies in the world who wished to cripple the United States of America. We have learned the depth of their enmity, today, September 11, 2001.

I urge each member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy to respond to this national tragedy in several ways. First, I ask your prayers for those who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 in Somerset County, Pennsylvania, The World Trade Center Towers in New York City and the Pentagon in Virginia.

I ask your prayers for the President of the United States of America and the other members of our government that they make wise decisions as they preserve and defend our country.

I ask your prayers for those who mourn, that they may cast their care on God, and know the consolation of his love.

I now ask each and every Daughter to find within herself that inner core of strength shared with her ancestors as we meet this threat to our country. We will show the world what Patriotic Activity means to Southern Women as we respond to our country's call. Each chapter president should be alert - contact your Red Cross and or Salvation Army to see how your chapter can be of service. Your General Patriotic Activities Chaiman, Mrs. Connie Moretti will be providing information for you as we move forward. Do not sit back and wait for someone else to do the work, be on the front line as the Daughters have always been.

Suzanne W. Silek
President General
September 11, 2001


Susie WhitacreToday is one of sadness for our nation. The attack in New York and Washington DC brings home the terror that we have escaped till now.

Please consider how each of us can aid the victims and our nation to overcome this outrage and remain strong and committed to freedom.

Go to the Red Cross blood centers and give the" Gift of Life" if you can. Donations may be made locally or sent to the Business Office marked "National Emergency." Go to your local place of worship, or just get down on your knees and ask for help for the injured, the rescue workers, the medical personnel,the family of the victims, our President and our Nation.

Please join me in doing what we can to let others know that we LOVE this country and are proud Americans.

Susan B. Whitacre
President, Virginia Division UDC
September 11, 2001


In this time of great national need, we want you to know that the Patriotic Activities fund has contributed $1000.00 each to the Salvation Army and the Red Cross. As you know, much greater amounts are needed, and the Patriotic Activities Committee, with the approval of the President General and the Finance Committee Chairman, is requesting that $2.00 per member be collected for the relief effort. Funds may be sent directly to the Business Office identifed as "Relief Contributions". Our goal is to be able to contribute $20,000.00 to each organization.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy have always been ready to provide aid in whatever form it is needed. Many have been blood donors in the last two days. Our monetary donations are one more way that we can carry on the tradition of assistance begun by those valiant Confederate women whom we seek to emulate.

With love and prayers,
Connie Moretti
General Chairman, Patriotic Activities Committee
September 13, 2001


Tuesday our country was attacked and thousands of innocent people lost their lives. In just one day, the United States of America has experienced the shock of thousands killed by madmen, the bravery of the rescuers that continue to work to find anyone alive, and the horror of not knowing what to do. Jennie EllenHarperOur great country needs our help now. As citizens of the United States, it is our turn to defend our freedom and help our fellow countrymen.

UDC President General Silek has urged the UDC to respond to this national tragedy in several ways, and I ask each CofC Member to do the same.

As CofC President General, I ask you to take action and continue our Patriotic legacy of help in time of need. I ask you to succeed in our Organization's goal of being Patriotic by donating one dollar per member. The General Organization will match every dollar donated with one dollar. This will be given to the Red Cross to aid in this common Cause.

Your donation will be counted on your 2002 Treasurer's report this summer. Please send your check of one dollar per member to Anne Pitre made payable to Treasurer General, CofC, as soon as possible.

This is our chance to do what we are here to do. If we do not help our country in its time of need, when?


Jennie Ellen Harper
President General, Children of the Confederacy
September 15, 2001


As patriotic Americans, we, the Children of the Confederacy, deplore the catastrophic attack on our great nation. We stand united with our fellow citizens against the forces which would cause pain and suffering for America and Americans. We offer our sympathy to those whose lives are affected by the deaths of loved ones and we pay tribute to those, whose heroic efforts resulted in the saving of lives. We grieve for those who sacrificed their own. Our lives, too, are forever changed by this senseless tragedy on American soil.

As we pause to memorialize the dead, we are reminded that these people gave their lives for their country for and because of freedom, just as did our heroic ancestors so many years ago in countless battlefields across America. Not since the War of the 1860's has our country experienced such bloodshed among our people. What can we do to add our voices to the cries of countless people around the nation and world?

Pray for peace.

Support the American Red Cross. The Red Cross is an agency that grew out of the need to aid the suffering, during that other time so long ago. Clara Barton, a nurse during the War Between the States, began the work of the American Red Cross on the battlefields. Her ministering hand brought healing and comfort to the sick and dying. The American Red Cross continues to assist people in tragic and dire circumstances. As chairman of the Patriotic Services Committee of the Children of the Confederacy, I call on individuals, chapters and divisions to assist this worthwhile agency in whatever way that you can. Monetary donations and volunteer efforts at blood mobiles are suggested.

Fly the Flag of the United States of America! Fly flags from your homes. Encourage your churches, schools, and the businesses with which you have contact to do the same! Lower the flag to half staff if it is flown on an upright flag pole. Show your love of our country as we stand bound together. We are Americans! God Bless America!

Harris Parker
Custodian General, Children of the Confederacy
September 14, 2001

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