1. Distribution of Scholarship Information: Virginia Division scholarship brochures and application materials are distributed to Virginia Division UDC Chapters, Virginia schools, colleges and universities, and prospective applicants no later than January 15 of each year.

  2. Deadline: Completed applications and all supporting documentation must be in the hands of the Chairman of the Committee on Education by April 15 of each year.

  3. Scholarship Renewal: Current recipients of Virginia Division scholarship awards must notify the Chairman of the Committee on Education in writing no later than February 10th of the current academic year of their desire for reappointment for the upcoming academic year. A letter from their Financial Aid Office recommending their reappointment must also be sent at that time. Current recipients must also send an official copy of their most recent transcript to the Chairman no later than July 1 in order to ensure that they will be considered to the reawarding of their present scholarship. Students: Please take notice of this requirement, which is your responsibility to fulfill.

  4. Graduate Study: Two (2) scholarships are available in Virginia Division for Graduate study, the Preston Goss Glazebrook Scholarship in American History at the University of Virginia, and the Mary Anne Williams Scholarship covering Pre-med or Engineering.

  5. Transferable Gift Scholarships: May be used to supplement tuition and part-tuition scholarships.

  6. Matriculation: Students who have been awarded scholarships must provide written notice of their matriculation to the Virginia Division Chairman of the Committee on Education within 30 days of the opening of the academic year. Students: Please take notice of this requirement, which is your responsibility to fulfill.

  7. Termination: Scholarship recipients who terminate their studies prior to completion of a degree must provide written notification to the Chairman of the Committee on Education that they are no longer in need of the scholarship. (A student leaving school for any reason shall forfeit the reawarding of the scholarship.)

  8. Marriage: Recipients who marry shall remain eligible for the reawarding of their scholarship after the current academic year.

  9. Records: It is recommended that applicants retain a copy of the current scholarship brochure and that they make a photocopy of their entire application packet before submitting it. This may be utilized if it becomes necessary to reapply or if it is lost in the mail.

  10. Scholarship brochures and applications: Brochures and applications for Virginia Division and General UDC Scholarships may be obtained from the President of Virginia Division, UDC Chapters and from the Chairman of the Committee on Education. The UDC Business Office provides information on the Annabella Drummond McMath Scholarship for women over 30 years of age, who are lineal descendants of Confederate veterans.

  11. Howard Stiles Nuchols Scholarship: This scholarship is administered by Virginia Division, Children of the Confederacy. Contact the Division Director for more information and application forms.

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