1. Eligibility: Applicants must be lineal descendants of worthy Confederates. An applicant who is a collateral descendant must be a member of CofC or UDC. Certified proof of Confederate Military Record of one ancestor, with Company and Regiment in which served, may be procured from Broadfoot Publishing Company (http://www.broadfootpublishing.com/), 1907 Buena Vista Circle, Wilmington, NC 28411, the Archives of Confederate records in State Capitals, the National Archives and Records Service (http://www.archives.gov/genealogy/military/civil-war/index.html#confed), Washington, DC 20408, or UDC Business Office (http://hqudc.org/), 328 North Boulevard, Richmond, VA 23220-4009. (Requests made to the Business Office must be accompanied by a check made out to Treasurer General UDC for $15.00 for members and $25.00 non-members and $6.00 postage and handling.)

    Photocopies of approved CofC or UDC membership application papers will also be accepted as proof of ancestor's service record, as they show applicant's relationship to the said Confederate veteran.

  2. Application: Formal application must be made on the scholarship application forms provided by the Chairman of the Committee on Education, Virginia Division, UDC. Applicants shall send one recent, small photograph with his or her completed application. Send original application and supporting documents, plus three copies of each (for a total of four sets).

  3. Financial Need: Applicants must show that they need financial assistance in order to continue their education. Income information must be included, along with the estimated cost of tuition, board, lodging, and other expenses, including other financial aid applied for and received, as well as school or government loans.

  4. Transcript: An official transcript from the last school attended is necessary. A 3.0 GPA is required to apply for these scholarships.

  5. Letters of Recommendation: Two (2) letters of recommendation are required from responsible persons well acquainted with the applicant (minister, teacher, etc.) as proof that the applicant is worthy of consideration and in need of financial assistance for higher education.

  6. Personal Letter: The applicant must write a personal letter which pledges to make the best possible use of the opportunity offered through the scholarship, and should contain any other information deemed important concerning health, social, family, religious, and fraternal connections within the community. It should also reflect on what a Southern Heritage means to the applicant. The term "War Between the States" should be used lieu of "Civil War."

  7. Chapter Endorsement: After thorough investigation, the completed application shall be endorsed by a UDC Chapter in the Virginia Division, and signed by the President and/or Second Vice President of that Chapter, who should also write a formal letter of Chapter recommendation for the applicant.

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