Susie Whitacre with her quilt

Susie Whitacre displays her quilt on Presidents' Evening

When a Division President leaves office, she takes with her a wealth of memories. Virginia Division President Susie Whitacre got more than that when she passed the gavel on to her successor in October. Thanks to the hard work of West Point Chapter member Peggy Atkins and her daughters Tory Atkins, Pam Fogg, and Meredith Ann Wyatt (also chapter members), Susie is the proud possessor of a handmade quilt detailing the highlights of her two years at the helm of one of the UDC's largest and most active Divisions.

The brainchild of then-Division Vice President Sam Lougheed, who is now serving as Virginia Division President, the quilt was presented to Susie on Presidents' Evening at the 106th Virginia Division convention in Woodtsock, Va.

The insignia of Virginia Division UDC occupies a place of honor in the center of the quilt and is bordered with 13 eight-pointed stars representing the 13 Confederate States and four panels of dogwood (Virginia's State flower). Nine additional panels feature:

Although Division officers had raised funds to pay for the final product, the quilters declined to accept any reimbursement for their labors. The money was donated instead to the Randolph Relief Fund in honor of the West Point ladies.

The quilters and their creation

(L-R): Peggy Atkins, Pam Fogg, Meredith Ann Wyatt, Tory Atkins, and Susie Whitacre

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