In the opening session of the 2004 Virginia General Assembly on January 19, State Senator Charles Hawkins introduced Senate Joint Resolution SJR 96 calling for April to be designated as Confederate Heritage and History Month in the Commonwealth.

Senator Charles Hawkins

Senator Charles Hawkins
Although Hawkins expects opposition to the legislation, he indicated that "Confederate history is the history of this commonwealth. It's the history of this nation. You cannot pick and choose history. History is history. If we refuse to go back and learn history, we will never know why we are the way we are today."

Hawkins also pointed out that the War Between the States is one of Virginia's leading tourist attractions, drawing visitors to the Old Dominion from around the world. Designating April as Confederate History and Heritage Month would make good economic sense for the Commonwealth.

Hawkins' resolution calls for a proclamtion similar to those issued by former Governor George Allen during his term of office, praising the "honorable sacrifices of Confederate leaders, soldiers, and citizens."

Former Governor Jim Gilmore, Allen's successor, changed the annual proclamation to a blanket "Civil War History and Heritage Month." Current Governor Mark Warner has declined to issue a proclamation of any kind.

If you are interested in seeing that the Joint Resolution passes, please telephone, write, or e-mail your State legislators and let them know that you support Confederate Heritage and History Month in the Old Dominion. Our Federal and State Governmental Contacts page contains information on how to contact your State Senator and Representative.

You may also call the toll-free Constituent Hot Line at 1-800-889-0229.

Other useful people to contact are the sixteen members of the Senate Rules Committee:
Senator Thomas K. Norment, Jr., Chairman
(804) 698-750

Senator Charles J. Colgan
(804) 698-7529

Senator Richard L. Saslaw, Minority Leader
(804) 698-7535

Senator William C. Wampler, Jr.
(804) 698-7540

Senator John H. Chichester, President Pro Tempore
(804) 698-7528

Senator Walter A. Stosch, Majority Leader
(804) 698-7512

Senator Frederick M. Quayle
(804) 698-7513

Senator Charles R. Hawkins, Patron of the Confederate History and Heritage Month Resolution
(804) 698-7519

Senator Kenneth W. Stolle
(804) 698-7508

Senator Emmett W. Hanger, Jr.
(804) 698-7524

Senator Martin E. Williams
(804) 698-7501

Senator R. Edward Houck
(804) 698-7517

Senator H. Russell Potts, Jr.
(804) 698-7527

Senator Mary Margaret Whipple, Democratic Caucus Chair
(804) 698-7531

Senator Stephen H. Martin
(804) 698-7511

Senator William C. Mims
(804) 698-7533
If our Confederate ancestors are to be remembered with the honor that they earned on the field of battle, every voice must be heard. If we do not speak for them now, who will?

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