Virginia Division, United Daughters of the Confederacy

Message from President Virginia Division Ginger Stephens 

United Daughters of the Confederacy
United Daughters of the Confederacy
328 North Boulevard
Richmond, Virginia 23220-4009

White Supremacist. Racist. Traitor.  
You may ask why I choose to honor men who were these things. But, they were not.
You may ask how I know. I know because their blood is in my veins and their spirit is in my soul.
You may ask why a statue matters. It matters because the history of my people should be remembered. 
You may ask how we will survive a purge of all the symbols we hold dear.  
We will survive because that is what our Ancestors taught us to do.  
You may ask why we don’t just give in because it would be easier.
We will stand up for what is right because that is what the War was really about.
Soldier. Patriot. Hero.  
These are our Ancestors and this is our Heritage.
These are our words.  They are our legacy. This diversity is what makes our nation stronger.
Join us in denouncing hate groups and affirming that Confederate memorial statues and monuments are part of our shared American history and should remain in place.
Ginger Stephens
President Virginia Division 2017-2019